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Technology Education & Careers Council
Shaping BC’s Future ... together. We all have a role to play!


What's New


March 2017 ASTTBC at BCTECH!
January 2017 Kamloops Media Shows Excitement for ASTTBC’s Donation to BLSC
January 2017 ASTTBC Past President – Appointed Associate Dean at BCIT
January 2017 ASTTBC & Science World BC Have Officially Launched Canada 150
December 2016 BC Government Supports Village Public Works Technician Program
December 2016 ASTTBC Partners with Canada-BC Job Fund to Deliver FP Technician Program
December 2016 Prime Minister Trudeau Sends Message to BC’s Technology Professionals
Novemver 2016 Today is Giving Tuesday – Help the Youth of Today Become Techs of Tomorrow!
October 2016 “STEM-to-JOBS” CEOs of ASTTBC & Science World Discuss
September 2016 ASTTBC & BC Government Announces Study to Improve Better Access to Tech Employment for People with Disabilities
Ausgust 2016 Minister Virk & ASTTBC Talk Technology & Innovation
August 2016 Ahousat First Nation Delivers Career Tour
July 2016 ASTTBC Honourary Member MJ Whitemarsh Appointed to Island Health Board
March 2016 Minister Shirley Bond Talks Tech Skills with ASTTBC
March 2016 BC Science Outreach Workshop
March 2016 ASTTBC Partners with BIM to Offer Access Funding for Training
February 2016 College President Talks Tech Programming in Northern BC
February 2016 Minister of Education Connects with ASTTBC
February 2016 Camosun VP and ASTTBC CEO Meet on Tech Education
January 2016 BC Government Announces Full #BCTECH Strategy 2016
December 2016 Deputy Minister, Small Business Talks Red Tape Reduction with ASTTBC
November 2016 ASTTBC Sponsors BC Science Teachers
October 2015 ASTTBC Meets Camosun President Sherri Bell
September 2015 Drive to De-Regulate - Government Invites ASTTBC Input
August 2015 ASTTBC Technology Professionals Included in LNG Labour Planning Initiative!
August 2015 ASTTBC Meetis Philippine Consul General - Sets Stage for Follow-up on Skills Recognition
July 2015 ASTTBC Partners on Labour Market Study: Building on ASTTBC Report
June 2015 Agreement Targets Engineering & Technology Talent
June 2015 Consulting Engineering Companies Say Technology Professionals are in Demand!
May 2015 ASTTBC CEO Talks Technology Careers on Radio NL Kamloops
May 2015 Minister Yamamoto Talks Small Business with ASTTBC Leaders
February 2015 Minister Wilkinson Speaks at ASTTBC Meeting in Prince George
February 2015 Ministers Virk and Yamamoto Chat with ASTTBC Reps
December 2014 ASTTBC Introduced in the BC Legislature
September 2014 MLA Michelle Stilwell Talks High Tech, SaferHomes & Tech Careers with ASTTBC's John Leech
August 2014 ASTTBC's CEO Quoted in BC Government Release Re Foreign Qualification Recognition
August 2014 Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray "Ties One On" with ASTTBC
August 2014 Andew Saxton MP Talks Internationally Trained Technology Professionals with ASTTBC
August 2014 Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and ASTTBC Explore Connections
June 2014 ASTTBC Council Public Representatives Report 2013
May 2014 ASTTBC Joins PNWER Capital Visit - Victoria
May 2014 Minister Norm Letnick Sports ASTTBC Technology SIZZLES Apron
May 2014 ASTTBC - TECC Meet Ministers Bond, Fassbender and Virk
May 2014 ASTTBC Sponsors Surrey Board of Trade Forum with Ministers Bond and Fassbender
May 2014 BC Skills for JOBS Blueprint
May 2014 ASTTBC on BC Jobs Plan: Prince George Citizen May 2 & 5
April 2014 ASTTBC Council Gets Cooking with Technology Sizzles BBQ Aprons
April 2014 Hon. Linda Reid Connects with ASTTBC at ACEC-BC Gala
March 2014 Minister Fassbender Accepts ASTTBC Eagle Feather After Tech Talk
March 2014 Minister of Advanced Education Amrik Virk Poses at Georgies with CHBA, TRU & ASTTBC Folk
March 2014 Spaghetti Bridge and ASTTBC Featured in Castanet News
March 2014 Hon. Linda Reid Schools ASTTBC on Role of Speaker of the Legislature
March 2014 Technology SIZZLES with MLA Michelle Mungall
March 2014 Skills Canada's Amber Papou & ASTTBC's John Leech Met over Latte
March 2014 Technology Professionals Canada Joins National Industry-Education Coalition
February 2014 March is National Engineering and Geoscience Month
February 2014 "LNG Skills Needs Keeps me Awake at Night" - Minister Rich Coleman
February 2014 Tina Bos, AScT Featured on CHEK TV
February 2014 ASTTBC Council Sport the new TECHNOLOGY SIZZLES Apron
January 2014 ASTTBC Supports InSPIRE Advisory Committee
December 2013 Naomi Yamamoto, Minister of State for Tourism & Small Business, Talks Tech with ASTTBC
November 2013 BCIT and Vancouver School Board Work on MoA
November 2013 ASTTBC Meets Commander Chris Hadfield at Science World
November 2013 ASTTBC Signs on to Science Charter
November 2013 ASTTBC Ads Run on Radio NL in Kamloops
November 2013 Association of Canadian Community Colleges Engages with Technology Professionals Canada (TPC)
October 2013 ASTTBC Hits Front Page of Prince George Citizen
October 2013 Big Little Science Centre Includes ASTTBC Presentation to Government Committee
October 2013 Federal Labour Minister Warns of Skill Shortages - Vancouver Sun; ASTTBC Identifies Programs & Services
September 2013 TECC Board Member Steve Cardwell reflects on some of his best moments in the classroom
September 2013 ASTTBC Supports Nanaimo Science - Nanaimo Daily News Reports!
September 2013 Christy Clark Connects with ASTTBC's Henry Murphy
September 2013 Minister of Health Terry Lake Meets ASTTBC
September 2013 Technology & Innovation Minister Andrew Wilkinson Meets ASTTBC
August 2013 ASTTBC in the News: Kelowna Daily Courier
August 2013 ASTTBC-TECC Monitors Program Supporting STEM
July 2013 Ministers Bond, Fassbender & Virk Meet ASTTBC
July 2013 First Nations a Partial Solution to Shortage of Technology Professionals
July 2013 Big Little Science Centre Moves and Seeks ASTTBC Help
July 2013 ASTTBC and TECC Congratulates BCIT & Okanagan College on MoU Signing
June 2013 ASTTBC Congratulates Premier on 10 Year Plan
June 2013 ASTTBC Partners with Skills Canada to Promote Tech Careers
June 2013 BC Technology Professionals Welcome $3B Telus Commitment
March 2013 CBC Features MoA with BCIT, VBE & ASTTBC
March 2013 Mayor of PG Talks Tech Education with Technology Professionals
March 2013 BCIT-VBE & ASTTBC Sign Agreement
February 2013 Hon John Yap Supports ASTTBC's Strategic Direction Report
January 2013 ASTTBC Talks K-12 with Deputy Minister James Gorman
January 2013 ASTTBC Unveils Plan to Prevent Skills Shortage
November 2012 NorKam Trades and Tech Centre a Positive Model
November 2012 ASTTBC Sponsors Robocup at Okanagan College
October 2012 ASTTBC Promotes Technology Careers in Local Papers
July 2012 Job Growth Remains Strong for Technology Professionals
April 2012 ASTTBC Supports Civil Tech Program at CNC
February 2012 John Leech Promotoes Tech Careers on Radio NL - Kamloops
January 2012 BCIT and ASTTBC Renew Memorandum
November 2011 ASTTBC Promotes Technology Careers in Youthink Magazine
October 2011 Ministry Launches APPS... Game...Job Trend Tracker
January 2011 Year of Science in BC
November 2010 Science Occupations Profiled - Solid Stats. Have a Look!
November 2010 TECC Records Progress in Promoting Technology Education & Careers
October 2010 Prince George Members go to Work for Technology Education in North
October 2010 Hon Stockwell Day Meets with Asia Pacific Board
October 2010 Petroleum Labour Market Issues and Supply Solutions
July 2010 TECC Board Meets Cabinet Ministers Black, MacDiarmid and Stilwell
September 2009 Kootenay Roundtable Report
February 2009 Minister Coell Meets TECC Board
January 2009 Minister Chong Meets TECC Board


Role and Responsibilities

  1. Oversee and Counsel – Oversee and advise ASTTBC and its partners on the implementation of Technology Skills 2020.
  2. Policy Voice – Provide policy-level input to federal and provincial governments and K-12 and post-secondary education stakeholders.
  3. Partnership-building – Assist in creating or stimulate partnerships between the Council, ASTTBC and its partners.
  4. Advocate and promote the Strategy, with particular emphasis on promoting technology careers and education to young people, parents, educators, employers and workers, the media and the general public.
  5. Fundraise – Assist ASTTBC and its partners to raise funds and in-kind resources for promoting and implementing the Strategy, including advocating with governments for program and project funding.