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Technology Education & Careers Council
Shaping BC’s Future ... together. We all have a role to play!

About TECC

The Council is composed of senior representatives of BC corporations and businesses, education and associations and who have a direct interest in technology education and careers, and the promotion and employment of technology professionals. The Council composition is diverse in terms of sectoral and regional representation.

Council members are from both knowledge-based industries as well as BC’s goods-producing sectors which are reliant on technology workers. Representatives of federal and provincial governments and technology administrators in the K-12 and post-secondary education systems will round out membership on the Council. Individuals are invited by ASTTBC and/or nominated by others to be appointed as a Council member.

The Council will function for three years and its mandate and membership will be reviewed in the last year to determine whether or not it should continue.

View TECC Mandate and Statement of Success

Operations and Resources

The Council will adopt operating procedures at its first meeting, but in principle, all efforts will be made to minimize the duration and frequency of meetings and the need for Council member preparation before meetings. ASTTBC staff will support the Council. The Council operations will be resourced by contributions from ASTTBC, its partners, and Council member organizations.

Technology Careers Scope

For purposes of the TECC work, 'technology careers' includes: