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Technology Education & Careers Council
Shaping BC’s Future ... together. We all have a role to play!

An Introduction to TECC

The critical shortage of technology workers and the impact of this on the British Columbia economy, quality of life and environmental challenges present a huge challenge that must not be ignored. While there are several industry and professional associations involved in technology development, as well as leadership groups such as the Premier’s Technology Council, no high-level panel of leaders is bringing these groups together around a long-term comprehensive technology education and skills strategy to address this challenge.

TECC Goals

The mandate of the Council is to provide strategic leadership and an advocacy role in advancing the importance of technology careers and education in British Columbia by being a catalyst for action and an industry voice into governments and educational systems on policy issues. The Council also oversees the implementation of the British Columbia Technology Human Resources Strategy: Technology Skills 2020, a long-term technology careers plan developed by ASTTBC in conjunction with partners.

The Council is composed of senior business leaders and employers of technology professionals in British Columbia, as well as a small number of other stakeholder leaders.